Merchant Financial Services enables Merchants of all sizes the ability to process the following electronic payment services:

Credit/Debit Cards
By offering consumers the flexibility of paying with any major credit card a Merchant can increase their sales and have a distinct advantage over a competitor that only offers cash for payments. Accepting these cards also enhances a Merchant’s credibility in the marketplace.

Purchasing Cards (Levels II and III)
In today’s Business-to-Business environment many vendors require their suppliers to accept Purchasing Cards as a form of payment. This provides flexibility for the vendor and improves cash flow for the supplier. Merchants can use either a credit card terminal or Internet Gateway for these transactions.

Electronic Check Processing
Electronic Check Processing electronically transfers payments from a customer’s checking account into a Merchant’s Bank Account. This can be utilized by Retail, Internet or Mail Order Merchants using either a credit card terminal or an Internet Gateway.

Check Guarantee
Merchants can accept checks without incurring the liability of returned checks by utilizing a Check Guarantee service. This takes the risk out of accepting checks from an individual or business. No more collections.

Gift Cards
A Gift Card places a predetermined dollar amount on a specially branded card that can be used as a payment option for future purchases at a Merchant’s place of business. These cards can increase a businesses customer base and provide additional revenue generating opportunities for a Merchant.

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